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Sea Line Nitza Boulevard,Netanya

For Rent: Three new luxury apartments on 17-floor which includes balconies overlooking the sea, and looking over the city, 5 minutes walk to town.

3 apartments in a new luxury building on the 17th floor at NIZA Boulevard overlooking the sea & 5 minutes walk to town.


New Electrical appliances from the best designers and fully furnished,
Modern appliances, Unique furniture, parquet floor & accessories for everyday use including linen and towels. In addition, the building provide parking.

The apartments suitable for familys couples and singles.

Each & every year thousands of tourists of South America and Europe, especially France and Britain come to visit Netanya.

Netanya has received a tourism boost, thanks to the coast and nature reserves that are around, the winter and reserve pool of engagement.

Many hotels in the city, and municipality promoting a tourism project which includes five area hotels and restaurants along the cliffs of Netanya in "Netanya 600".
Many apartments in the city, inhabited by many foreign residents.

Rental apartments, located in the building are frequented by foreign residents, who come for vacation.  The building was renovated at a cost of approximately $2,000,000 million and high maintenance level.

The building located in an expensive street in Netanya, the first line to the sea a few steps from the stunning beach of Netanya's, and at the foot of the building, promenade on the cliff overlooking the sea.

Coffee shops, restaurants, hairdressing salon, barber shops and laundry services are located in town near the apartment building.

About 5 minutes walk to the city center and the famous Independence Square in Netanya - City of Life Center.

City Center -brings a variety of activities during all year around, residents and tourists enjoying spending a large pedestrian promenade and the city's famous.

City - near major highways,  including the coastal road which separates the western and central part of the city's eastern part, and Route 57 exit from Netanya to the Jordan Valley.  Several bridges and interchanges allow the traffic flow between the west side east side of town: Poleg interchange, interchange bridge of peace, unity

and interchange bridge Netanya interchange is also planned to be built Einstein.

In town operate two main buses: Egged Ta'avura which travel thrugh town & Nateev Express 

which travel outside Netanya, like Tel-Aviv Etc.

Egged also performs Kiryat Sanz neighborhood travel Orthodox concentrations, as well as avenues company executive travel communities in Samaria.

Train Station in Netanya serves the residents of the city. Also, in addition  many taxi services operate.


• "museum city of





." Is located on McDonald 3. The museum is at the establishment (as of 2012) with temporary exhibitions on the history of the city. The museum has a room with a reconstruction of his study of Oved Ben Ami with furniture and original exhibits.

• "




" 17 Sokolov Street in which the water well was dug in 1927 to irrigate the orchard farms "Brigade Grove". Enabled the museum's restored water pump well and are displaying the early days of Netanya.

• In addition, several art galleries.

Studio apartment – East Direction


The Flat includes:
Bed Width 1.60

Length 2.00

Kitchen: Refrigerator, electric stove, electric kettle & air conditioner.

                Crockery, cutlery, plates,  cups & basic kitchen equipment.

Luxury Apartments (suite) -  3 rooms 2 bedrooms

North apartment - West & North – Sea View, East - views of the city

                                Bed Width 1.60  -  Length * 2.00

                                Closet, linen, blankets


 Shower & toilets, towels & bathrobes, air conditions & washing machine

Bedroom (West): Width 1.60 * Length 2.00 Linen & blanket
                              Bathroom:  towels & robes
                              Air conditioner

Kitchen:               Refrigerator, dishwasher, gas and electric cooker, electric kettle
                              Crockery, cutlery, plates,  cups and basic equipment.
                             Air conditioner

Salon: (West):    Table furniture &  6 chairs, bar & 3 chairs, small table and arms                  

                             chairs 2 +3, television & & cable, internet
                             Air conditioner

Balcony:             Large table & 4  chairs.

Luxury apartment (Suite):   4 rooms & 2 bedrooms

North apartment West & North-sea view,  East views of the city


Eastern Bedroom: Bed 1.60 * 2.00 + sheets and blankets, closets

                                 Bathroom & shower, towels & bathrobes
                                 Air conditioner & washing machine

Western Bedroom: Bed 1.60 * 2.00 sheets and blankets in closet.
                                 Bathroom near the room, bath towels & bathrobes
                                 Air conditioner

Kitchen:                  Refrigerator, dishwasher, gas & electricity, electric kettle
                                Cutlery plates cups cutlery pots and basic equipment.
                                Air conditioner

Salon: (West)         Dining table & 6 chairs, a bar & three chairs, small table chairs

                               2 +3 arm chairs,  Television & cable, Internet
                               Air conditioner

Terrace:                Table +4 chairs



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